who we are

We are nine musicians:

Head_CarolynCarolyn – alto
Carolyn joined Collage a number of years ago. Her lovely alto adds a wonderful fullness and energy to that section. She left Collage a couple of years ago but is now back, and we’re SO glad!


Head_ConnieConnie – alto
Connie sings with a community choir but joined Collage looking for a smaller group. She brings her great voice, her energy and her musical talents to Collage; we’re all glad she sings with us.


Head_DionDion – tenor
Dion has a lovely low baritone/bass voice which adds SO much to our middle harmonies! He’s tall, has a great sense of humour and has a delightful stage presence – what a winning combination!


Head_GregGreg – baritone
Greg has brought with him that lovely low voice that we’d been looking for for so long! He may be soft-spoken off-stage, but he can sure show his chops in performance!


Head_LorraineLorraine – soprano
Lorraine has tapped into a mysterious, inexhaustible supply of energy. She’s a grandmother of ten (!!), a gardener and much more. Mark Twain’s description fits her perfectly: “She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.” And she still finds time to sing! Her unmistakable infectious laugh and her wonderful soprano voice are a real treasure.


Head_StephStephanie – tenor, keyboard
Stephanie originally joined Collage to help out at rehearsals, but once her technical ability and her ear for music came to light she became music wrangler, sound technician, MIDI editor, keyboardist and even webmaster. Her ability to play by ear and her unusual tenor voice lend a unique quality to several of Collage’s numbers.


Head_SueSue – soprano
Sue is no stranger to performing – but when she heard Collage at a concert she knew she’d found a group she just had to sing with. Her brilliant, sparkling soprano voice gives a lovely, bright sound to Collage’s soprano section.


Head_SteveSteve – baritone
Steve’s baritone voice is only one of his great gifts to the group. His contagious smile, his great sense of humour and his plentiful hugs are just what we need after a long difficult practice.


Head_TerryTerry – tenor, guitar
Gimme some riddim! Gimme some rhyme! Come on people, it’s singing time! Terry is our Jamaican baritone, who can’t make up his mind. He floats between Tenor and Bass and has even tried his hand at arranging. Could there be an original composition in his future?

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