booking information

Advance booking requirements

Because we all have lives outside Collage (imagine that!) we would like as much advance notice as possible in order to make sure we’re all available. 4 to 8 weeks is ideal, but we can sometimes accommodate shorter time frames. Please use our contact us form.

Stage requirements

For audiences of 50 or more, we need stage space at least 25 feet wide by 15 feet deep, with at least one 110V 15amp power outlet at one side or the other. A raised stage is nice but not necessary.

For smaller audiences we can sing without our sound system and can fit in 20 feet by 12 feet. We still require one 110V 15amp power outlet.

Sound equipment

We always bring our own keyboard, even if a piano or keyboard is available. We usually bring our own PA system for larger venues. If we use yours (for example, if we’re sharing a stage with other acts), we’ll use our own wireless microphone system and keyboard. We’ll provide your audio engineer with the mixed output from the wireless system and keyboard.

If we’re using amplified sound (yours or ours) we insist on a sound check at least 30 minutes before the audience is scheduled to arrive.

Changing and Warmup Facilities

If possible, we like to warm up our voices for a few minutes before we sing. Ten minutes’ use of a room near the performance area is preferred but not essential.


Level access for equipment moving is desirable but not essential. If going up or down two floors or more, an elevator is required.

Setup time

We like to arrive at least 45 minutes before showtime in order to set up and warm up.

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